Banderas, Almodóvar and Cruz
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Spanish Steps No. 3 – Banderas, Almodóvar and Cruz

This picture features three people who have done much to put the Spanish film industry on the map.

Like others in our Spanish steps series the original can be found in the house along with others in the series on the staircase in the main house. The pictures serve as a bit of a guessing game for our guests to see if they can identify all of the people, places and events depicted.

Here Pedro Almodóvar is seen holding one of his two Oscar’s alongside Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. You can watch Almodóvar’s classic movie “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” on the Plex television application in the Lounge. The movie has won many accolades and also features a very young Banderas.

Penélope Cruz rose to stardom after starring in the Spanish rom-com ‘Jamon Jamon’ the plot of which features a mother hiring an underwear model and former bullfighter to seduce her son away from his lover, of whom the mother strongly disapproves. It should be worth a watch !! Cruz won an Oscar in 2009 for Best Supporting Actress in Woody Allen’s movie ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’.

Perhaps best known of the three is Antonio Banderas who has had a long and successful Hollywood career, yet he is the only one of the three not to be an Oscar winner. Still there is plenty of time forn things to change, or as the Spanish would say “Darle la vuelta a la tortilla” which literally means to toss an Omelette but in this context means that the tide can turn.

Why not pay a visit to Casa Uno and it’s Spanish Steps and see what you can identify.

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Casa Uno

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Casa Uno is a beautiful private holiday home situated in a quiet hilltop village. It is ideally suited to visit Seville, Cordoba and other local historic towns and villages. We even have the Game of Thrones  ‘Highgarden’ only a short drive away.