The Ideal time to visit
Seville, Cordoba & Granada

ALL of the pictures on this page were taken between October and April

If you are planning to see the marvels of Andalucía’s Golden Triangle, the winter months are best.

Winter in andalucia

We frequently advise people who want to see the sights of Seville, Cordoba and Granada to plan their visit between the months of October and April. While at first this may seem a strange time to visit one of the sunniest places in Europe, if you’re going to be traipsing around monuments, castles and cathedrals all day, then we think you may find the weather in the middle of the year just too hot.

It would be a mistake to think that between the months of October and April the Andalucian weather will be cold and rainy – Far from it. While there will undoubtedly be some grey days with some rain, these days nevertheless are few and far between. Typically the weather in Andalucía at this time of year is more like the late spring / early summer weather experienced in the UK.

Plaza de España - Seville
Plaza de España - Seville

The temperature tends not to fall below 15°C, but is frequently much warmer. You will undoubtedly be walking around in shorts and a T-shirt, eating al fresco and able to catch a suntan in the process – if you want one !

The sites, monuments and splendours of Andalucía’s big cities are indeed magnificent and well worth exploring. Trying to do this in the sweltering summer months can be very tiring and draining. For example, Seville’s Giralda has no steps on the way to the top of the belltower – it is all sloped walkways. Nevertheless, you can still find yourself short of breath trying to climb to the top on a hot July afternoon.

All of the photographs on this page were taken between the months of October and April, and as you will see, the weather is excellent.

For a complete understanding of the annual temperature in Seville and Cordoba visit our weather page.

However the weather isn’t the only benefit that these months offer. While these cities attract visitors and tourists all year round, they do get less crowded during these months. Waiting in a queue to enter Cordoba’s must see Mezquita mosque with the sun blazing down can fray even most robust sense of humour!

Cadiz Winter Sunset

Furthermore, as this is Southern Spain, they don’t reserve their festivals and Ferias for the summer. One of Spain’s most famous Ferias takes place in Seville every April. Not to be outdone, Cadiz boats a full week of Carnival every February, with eating and drinking late into the night. There are pre-Christmas festivals and many others. Perhaps most importantly, Easter falls between these months. To witness a Spanish Easter procession, even in our little village of Las Pinedas, really is something else.

By staying at Casa Uno you get the best of both worlds. The house is very well connected to both Cordoba, Seville, Granada and other cities for the more adventurous. Alternatively if you fancy a day off from the sights you can relax in our private beautiful villa in complete isolation with just your friends and family. There is something for everyone, relax in the sun, take a refreshing swim in the pool, prepare a fantastic BBQ or simply take cocktails on the terrace. A fantastic private holiday villa between Cordoba and Seville.  

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800per week
  • January to March - €800
  • Easter - €1,000
  • April to May - €1,000
  • June - €1,200
  • July to August - €1,700
  • September - €1,200
  • Oct to December - €800
  • Xmas & NYear - €1,000

Casa Uno

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Holiday Villa Seville

Casa Uno is a beautiful private holiday home situated in a quiet hilltop village. It is ideally suited to visit Seville, Cordoba and other local historic towns and villages. We even have the Game of Thrones  ‘Highgarden’ only a short drive away.

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Alhambra Granada Janaury

Janaury at The Alhambra, in Granada

Parque de María Luisa, in Seville

November Parque de María Luisa, in Seville