Places To Visit

There are some amazing cities, towns and villages to visit in Andalucía. Many are a relatively short drive from the beautiful holiday home of Casa Uno. There really is something for everyone, so do your research before you visit. 
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The Big Three

Seville sits in the valley of the Guadalquivir river and was a significant harbour during the Spanish acquisition of large parts of the American continent. The city of Seville is famous worldwide for its civilisation, buildings, customs and artistic tradition. This is the origin of Flamenco and the city where the most incredible Easter pageants take place. Seville’s rich history has left the city crammed with untold monuments like the overwhelming cathedral , the third largest in the world, the Giralda tower, the magnificent palace of the Reales Alcázares, the delightful Barrio of Santa Cruz with its narrow streets, the Maestranza bullfighting ring and the obsession for Flamenco and the scent of orange blossoms on every corner. Sevilla is an hour away from Casa Uno

The city of Cordoba has a extraordinary past, and was a vital tactical city for both the Muslims and Christians, and was also home to a large Jewish population. Throughout the city the edifices and memorials radiate the rich civilising tapestry that makes up the cities history. The city beginnings date back to the Roman occupation; with its setting at the highest point of the Guadalquivir River, it became an important maritime city of significant strategic value. The Romans constructed the bridge that traverses the river, which is now known as El Puente Romano (The Roman Bridge). Cordoba is a sparkling Andalusian metropolis, with a thirst for flamenco and bullfighting. It’s a breath-taking city to discover, with the old narrow, cobbled streets of the Jewish District, which date back to medieval times; the attractive parks and plazas, incorporating the enchanting Alcazar Gardens and La Plaza de Potro, and not forgetting Cordoba’s wealth of historical monuments, and architectural splendour. The city is also a first-rate place to shop and to eat really Andaluz style tapas, and gastronomy. Cordoba is 25 minute form Casa Uno

The enlightening metropolis of Granada is located in the eastern area of Andalucia, in the province of the identical name. Its typified by it’s scenic variety, architectural magnificence and an opulent and illustrious history that emanates from the city. Be ready to fall in love with the city. No one departs unmoved by the brilliance of the Alhambra Palace, the scenery of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, or relaxed ambiance. Granada was the last Moorish bastion to fall to the Christian raiders at the end of the 15th century and it still preserves many traces of its Arab legacy, both in its traditions and in its architecture, but particularly so in its royal palace, La Alhambra. The pleasure of discovering the thoroughfares of Granada is considerable; take in the fragrance and the allure of the meandering thoroughfares and remarkable monuments and structures that give an understanding of its culture and history. Granada is a 2 hour drive from Casa Uno.

Less than an hour away

Just a short 25 minute drive from Casa Uno stands the impressive Castillo de Almodóvar del RíoAlmodóvar del Río, which enjoys thousands of sightseers ever year It once held a substantial tactical importance as it was located on a hill 827 feet above sea level and next to the Guadalquivir river, which can be wonderfully viewed from there. It is a must see for Game of Thrones fans !!

Further Afield

Almost completely surrounded by water, this ancient Andalucian port city boasts 3,000 years of history, reflected in ancient buildings, traditional fish dishes and earthy inhabitants. Cadiz’s most famous beach, Playa de La Caleta, is right in the old town. Get there an hour before sundown and watch the sun dip gently into the Atlantic, as the small fishing boats are painted gold by its final rays

Casa Uno

Your perfect base to explore Andalucia

Casa Uno is a beautiful private holiday home situated in a quiet hilltop village. It is ideally suited to visit Seville, Cordoba and other local historic towns and villages. We even have the Game of Thrones  ‘Highgarden’ only a short drive away.

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